End of Summer for a Freelancer

Mon, Aug 2, 2010

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End of Summer for a Freelancer

I trust that I am not alone when I say Freelancers do not have holidays,  Freelancers although complain frequently due to the excessive workloads, they secretly enjoy the work and only call it work to stay at peace with the tax exemptions that freelancing carries in their favour.

So the term holiday is only an operative word for a simple change of pace and some really weird grinding mixes, like coffee beans, dehydrated shiitake mushrooms, vanilla bean and  dry chilli, I named it  “boredom mix” .

If there is no real break  during the year how do we, Freelancers, release the tension build up, because it does, keep smiling while your client asks if you can make their logo bigger or the grey back to red “like in the original, the one we did in MS Publisher”.

I wish I could employ a Project Manager permanently to, amongst other things, would write proposals for me and attend meetings.

I never appreciated the true value of a PM until we hired one for the duration of a big project, when he left I saw myself waving goodbye with teary eyes.Yes! they can be expensive but I was able to return, for a while, to my workho-liday mode of work, the one that makes you get up earlier and smiling comes from a pleasant emotion.

For the rest of us…Designers/managers/coders/animators/etc I recommend strong work ethics and a big portion of your time during the week to unwind through some outdoor activity, preferable one that will get your body moving again and sightseeing, walk, jog, ride, sail, kayak, surf, skate and do it for more than 2 or 3 hours.

I read somewhere about the Runner’s High a condition for which the pituitary gland releases endorphins to deal with pain and stress. Do not quote me on this but I believe that by lowering the intensity ( I hate running) but prolonging the duration you can achieve a similar effect and counteract the effects of a stressing week with a 2 hour walk or 4 hours bike ride.

In the long run, a better working style will provide a healthier outcome and you will live longer, but in the meantime I managed to bring a little summer holiday feeling each weekend no matter how much logo resizing took place during the week.

This view will heal almost anything

2 Responses to “End of Summer for a Freelancer”

  1. Amy Stratter Says:

    I have been looking around on the internet looking for ideas on the way to get my website coded, your general layout and design are amazing. Did you actually code it yourself or did you get a coder to do it for you personally?

  2. Ric Zalewski Says:

    Hi Amy,
    I hope to do that when I get some free time. it was quicker to get a clean looking template and customize it.

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